Is a national organization engaged to conduct evidence based interventions informed by research using community driven interventions to transform the lives of marginalized populations particularly children, youth and women. Marginalization could be caused by abject poverty, impact of diseases such as HIV and AIDS, orphan hood, disabilities and other causes leading to stresses and trauma.

Our Objectives

  • To conduct and implement evidence-based research to address social, cultural, economic, and environmental and health challenges facing women and children.
  • To conduct research related to the impact resulting from HIV and AIDS on the target community especially the marginalized groups.To address psychosocial problems of women and children through research.
  • To empower women and youth economically and socially by addressing barriers to their development through research and training.
  • To build the economic capacity of grassroots women and youth to be able to cope with the risks caused by poverty.
  • To partner with other like-minded agencies in the country to increase access to services, information and accelerate change.

Home Building Expeditions with Vine Trust.

Partner Organizations